4 tips for a better personal marketing!

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4 tips for a better personal marketing!

Here we share 4 tips on how to be more personal with your customers and how to improve it.

  1. Know you customer.
    You need to know why the customers you have comes to you, instead of your competitors. Is there a exact reason why their are coming to you? Maybe it is your USP, marketing or influence on other people. But you have to find out why they are choosing you, from there you can implement personal marketing!
  2. Get your data, how are they buying your product.
    Quite a lot of companies do not know how their customers are buying their goods. To improve your personal marketing you need to know where your customers are coming from. Some people comes from your ad in Facebook or your Youtube videos that you post every week. When you know your data, you can leave some platforms and you can focus on the platform where most of your customers comes from.
  3. Get every action orientated insights, and try to improve it.
    Ask customers how they are buying your goods on your website, is it too hard to buy something or is there maybe no other call to actions on the way. you can figure that out by using AB testing (50% goes to a other website)and choose the one with the most conversion rate. When you are doing it for the first time, their are probably a lot of flaws, but try to solve one problem at the time.
  4. Use your different mediums with a different messages.
    For example: They way you use Facebook video’s is way different than your Youtube videos. The same for Instagram photos and twitter photos, it is just different. Companies need to threat them different as well, and put another message in every other medium.

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