6 Tips for a better SEO

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Many marketers are just doing SEO by doing SEO, but there are far more tips and tricks to optimize your google rank.

Figure out some keywords.
These where one of the main expects of the old SEO, but still the keywords are important in this time even that Google has changed the rules. You no longer have to spam them, but you have to include them.

You have to decide which keywords you are going to use, based on you competition and the reach of that kind of keyword.

Mobile before everything.
Make sure your website is readable even if you are using a mobile phone. in these days mobile is really important, even more important then your Google keywords for your SEO. Because for the first time, research has concluded that mobile searches have finally surpassed desktop searches.

First, your website need to be responsive. It needs to be visible on your desktop and mobile device. you can check if your website is responsive on this website.

Images and video are king.
Text based articles are out of this time, put some nice images or videos in your article and on your website. This will increase your SEO dramatically.
Put more effort in your images and videos and you will see it in your analytics.

A whitehat about seo

Use your data from analytics.
Since SEO and marketing are so tangled together now a day. You can use the data from analytics to gain more insight in your marketing and SEO. Do some a/b testing and try some different things in your website and with your posts. Google will appreciate it.

Thank you very much for reading, i really appreciate it.

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