There are a few easy ways to fix your procrastination and improve your life in the long run. What is procrastination? Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks. So, whether you refer to it as procrastination or akrasia or something else, it is the force that prevents you from… Read More

Time is money: But We all know that.

Time is money

What and when can you accelerate the productivity of your self and your team? It is a combination of efficiency and effectiveness, but boosting it too hard could result in trouble in your team and with you self. We break down every productivity tactic below: Track as much as you can. Embrace metrics where ever it… Read More

Accomplish your dreams through goals.

Accomplish your dreams through goals

Accomplish your dreams through goals. People are dreaming about their lifestyle, about the future. But by the most of the people dreams stay dreams. Here we share a few ways to Accomplish your dreams though goals. Don’t let dreams stay dreams, accomplish them. The vision of your dream. What is your vision of your dream,… Read More

The new rich, escape the job you hate.

The new rich

The new rich, escape the job you hate. Some people want to be rich later on, and some don’t. But what do you really want, freedom or being super rich. Do you want to join The new rich? People are doing jobs they hate. There are a lot of people who hate his jobs, but… Read More

Pokémon GO marketing, how to take advantage of it

Pokémon GO marketing, how to take advantage of it. The new hype Pokémon is huge, everyone is playing it. But how can marketers for brands or restaurants, clubs etc take advantage of it? What is Pokémon GO? For the 10 people who don’t know, it is a Pokemon game. You have to walk around physically to… Read More

6 Tips for a better SEO

Image saying seo

Many marketers are just doing SEO by doing SEO, but there are far more tips and tricks to optimize your google rank. Figure out some keywords. These where one of the main expects of the old SEO, but still the keywords are important in this time even that Google has changed the rules. You no… Read More

Positivity matters, 3 ways to achieve it.

Image saying power of positivity

We have all received the well meaning full advice “Stay positive”. But to stay positive all the time is very hard. The more glass half full perspective is sometimes a bit unrealistic for some people. It is very hard to focus on positive thinking when you think that it is nothing more than wishful thinking…. Read More