What are the best times to post a tweet, Facebook posts, emails and more.


We from NiveMedia are very interested and keen in finding the best time to post a Facebook post, tweets and emails. In this article we share some great insights!

From the hundreds of posts we analyzed the most important analytics we can find. But the most tricky thing we found out is that a lot of the research that is already available are counterintuitive to each other. One of the reasons is because the audience and the social media is shifting constantly. For this reason we will be updating this article every month with our latest research. Disclaimer: our research is focused on our target group.

So my suggestion would be to use this guide as just that — a guide to help you work out what to test for your own audience, so that you can see what actually works best in your specific case.

Facebook — what is the best time for your posts.

in our new research of Facebook’s new feeds algorithm, we found out that one of the most key considerations to the visibility of a posts is engagement, clicks, comments, and shares. Thereby, finding the ideal time to posts will increase your engagement dramatically and will get your post more reach.

In therms of specific times and dates, here is what we found out:

On Thursdays and Fridays there is 18% more engagement overall.
And posts with photos it will increase with 38%.

Statistics on Facebook photos

What is the best time to posts your tweets?

Twitter is a bit loud at the moment, because of the loudness there is a big difference between “engagement” and clicks. With our research we focused more on the clicks then on twitters engagement statistics.
Here are some results that we found out:

Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends.


Statitics on Tweets

If you are tweeting from a companies account you may want to keep this in your mind, especially if engagement is what you are looking for. Click-through rates a usually higher on Wednesdays and in the weekend.

Email — find the best time to send for the right content

There is a lot of research done on email and engagement of emails, particularity in the case of email marketing.
Here is what we found out: 

  • 10pm–6am: This is the dead zone, when hardly any emails get opened.
  • 6am–10am: Consumer-based marketing emails are best sent early in the morning.
  • 10am-noon: Most people are working, and probably won’t open your email.
  • Noon–2pm: News and magazine updates are popular during lunch breaks.
  • 2–3pm: After lunch lots of people buckle down and ignore their inbox.
  • 3–5pm: Property and financial-related offers are best sent in the early afternoon.
  • 5–7pm: Holiday promotions & B2B promotions get opened mostly in the early evening.
  • 7–10pm: Consumer promotions are popular again after dinner.

23.63% of emails are opened within an hour of being received.

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