Pokémon GO marketing, how to take advantage of it

Pokémon GO marketing, how to take advantage of it. The new hype Pokémon is huge, everyone is playing it. But how can marketers for brands or restaurants, clubs etc take advantage of it? What is Pokémon GO? For the 10 people who don’t know, it is a Pokemon game. You have to walk around physically to… Read More

6 Tips for a better SEO

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Many marketers are just doing SEO by doing SEO, but there are far more tips and tricks to optimize your google rank. Figure out some keywords. These where one of the main expects of the old SEO, but still the keywords are important in this time even that Google has changed the rules. You no… Read More

4 tips for a better personal marketing!

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4 tips for a better personal marketing! Here we share 4 tips on how to be more personal with your customers and how to improve it. Know you customer. You need to know why the customers you have comes to you, instead of your competitors. Is there a exact reason why their are coming to… Read More

Get more leads through Twitter.

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Get more leads through Twitter. There are a few easy ways to gain more customers without any money, it takes only time. The use of hashtags. When you are posting something on Twitter, you need to figure out which hashtag is the most appropriate for your Tweet. You can do that with using Twitter search,… Read More

How to use Snapchat geofilters as a marketing tool.

How to use Snapchat geofilters as a marketing tool. Snapchat filters is the newest and youngest major social media platform at the moment, and so many companies are not using it right now. Why Snapchat?! Snapchat is the newest and hottest social media platform right now. A lot of people use it between the age… Read More

Unique selling content is more important than USP

Why a Unique selling content is more important than Unique selling point. Even today i see companies and people searching for their USP (Unique Selling Point) but in these days USC (Unique Selling Content) Is far more importent. You have more attention for your product, then for your customers. There are so many products on… Read More

How to do influencers marketing!

Influencer marketing

How to do influencers marketing! Advertising by using a influencer is one of the best ways to create a status around your product What are influencers. A influencer is someone who have a lot of followers on social media, and have a status in your or in a target audience. those influencers probably have an… Read More

Snapchat just got a redesign!

Snapchats new interface. Yes! since today, Snapchat got their new interface. What are the benefits with their new interface. Well first of all, for new users it is for more easier to start! They got some new logos that tells you the way. You have the messages button in the left corner, that takes you… Read More