Get more leads through Twitter.

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Get more leads through Twitter.

There are a few easy ways to gain more customers without any money, it takes only time.

The use of hashtags.
When you are posting something on Twitter, you need to figure out which hashtag is the most appropriate for your Tweet. You can do that with using Twitter search, try different words that are in context of your Tweet. The hashtag that has to most attention, is your hashtag for your Tweet.

Twitter search.

Be active.
One of the most important things on Twitter is to stay active and relevant. Use the most used hashtags in your Tweets to gain more attention, and interact with your followers as well, try to sneak in their conversation with other people.

Search questions on your field of interest.
You can search with twitter search on questions as well, just put a few keywords in and you will find them! (Make sure you select live.) From here you can answer the questions or send them a link to your related article to help them. With this method you will create an audience for your articles without using any money and advertising. Your target audience will also feel more connected with you and they will be actually interested in you.

A search query (make sure you click on live!) 

Put images in your Tweets.
We see if you put images in your tweets that your impressions are twice as high, Also the use of short links are very important.

Share important content.
You can connect with people with sharing their content, of course it needs to be good content and relevant to your target audience. But we are seeing that sharing content is one of the ways to gain more followers and eventually leads. I also wrote an article about how why content is more important than a unique selling point, click here to see it!

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