How to do influencers marketing!

Influencer marketing

How to do influencers marketing!

Advertising by using a influencer is one of the best ways to create a status around your product

What are influencers.

A influencer is someone who have a lot of followers on social media, and have a status in your or in a target audience.
those influencers probably have an authority in a specific area that you can leverage.

how to identify these kind of people.
Not all people who have a lot of followers are influencers, they also need a expertise or a status in their target audience.
The best first thing that you can do is searching in your followers to see if there any influencers and try to reach them.
one of the easiest ways to identify one is using the chrome-extension Kloud, they give every follower of you a influencer score between 1–100.
their are also a few other applications that can help you with finding influencers like Kred or Peerreach.

Create a connection between you and your influencer.
When you know your influencers, then you can try to connect with them. but don’t expect that people who have 100 times more followers that they will see your content. They got more people that want attention from him.

The best thing that you can do is bring value at the first place. give influencers what they want: Engagement!! Interact with their content, share their content and discus their content online. and even make your own content about them.

Just keep engaging with them until you got their attention.

Image of a chart that measures engagement.

How to keep them engaged with you.
If you have a influencer in your network, then it is really importent that you keep them. the number one thing that you need to do is give more than you take. Create more content and there is a greater opportunity that the influencer will engaged with it, and share it. If that happens than you will see a exponential growth.

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