Focus on your strengths, not on your weaknesses

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Stop worrying about your weaknesses, focus on your strengths.

Business culture has long focused on peoples weaknesses, managers and leaders are spending way to much time to address peoples weaknesses instead on their strengths.

From the start of your life, their is a focus on your weakness.
The day when you are born, people are judging you on your weaknesses. even the education system does that, they separate the classes on peoples weakest school subject. The system want to make people who they aren’t from nature, and that is very hard to do. Keep doing things that you are best at, and you will become far more better at those thing than you natural weaknesses.

Put more energy and work ethic in your strengths.
Try to improve your strengths in that way you will be more better at your “best” skills. Maybe you write articles, but are you actually good at it or do you like it because society wants you to like it. These decisions you need to make for you self. So where are you actually good in?


A chain that indicates strength.
A chain that indicates strength.

Gain more insight in your strengths.
There are actually a few ways to improve you insight in your strengths. Number one method is to ask your most inner circle about the qualities you have, and make sure that they answer honestly. You can check that by asking the same question to other people that are in your inner circle. The other method is ask your self truly what you passion and qualities are, take a note of everything you do and write how much energy it cost.

A image saying the comparison between the thing that you enjoy and the thing you are good at.

Give no attention to your weaknesses.
We all know that people are justifying on your weaknesses, to eventually put their self on the top! (like bullying). When you let those weaknesses come in to you, you will get a low self-esteem. There are a number of thing you can do with people that are “complaining” about you weaknesses. you could ban their out your life, not always possible. Or what i do, try to not care about those things, give them the feeling that you do not care about it.

I really hope that these tips helps you a little bit!

Thank you very much for reading, i really appreciate it.

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