Time is money: But We all know that.

Time is money

What and when can you accelerate the productivity of your self and your team? It is a combination of efficiency and effectiveness, but boosting it too hard could result in trouble in your team and with you self.

We break down every productivity tactic below:

Track as much as you can.

Embrace metrics where ever it is possible. Data is your best friend. Metrics such as, worked hours, productivity hours, specific days worked. With those kind of metrics you can inform your team about their efforts and maybe change some tactics by these insights.

If you don’t have your own proprietary system in place to allow for the tracking of these metrics, you can use existing software to accomplish these ends.

Examples include Google Docs, Share Point and Outlook with task assignment.

The catch: Don’t micromanage your metrics. Please do not track everything of your team. Just the most important stuff. Otherwise you will annoy the hell out of your team.


We are living in the 21th century, yes we do… If you are not down on technology, you will be soon. i promise.

With the new technology in mind you can upgrade your old products. Like your old phones and computers. Or maybe totally different alternatives like using pdfs instead of printing your payments.

Also — and this is important encourage your team to use their own devices and to bring their devices to work, so long as you’re not a firm that relies too greatly on high security.

Avoid communication breakdowns by education.

Communication breakdowns could be fatal to your teams productivity. It’s frustrating to experience a drop in efficiency and effectiveness in your endeavors due to a breakdown in communications, but it is sometimes easy to focus on technical issues while ignoring the “simple” things.

Everyone at your team is on a different level with their education on your business, product or services that you use. To let them understand everything about that, you need to educate them about it.

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