Unique selling content is more important than USP

Why a Unique selling content is more important than Unique selling point.

Even today i see companies and people searching for their USP (Unique Selling Point) but in these days USC (Unique Selling Content) Is far more importent.

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You have more attention for your product, then for your customers.

There are so many products on the market, the only way that you can differentiate yourself is by doing Unique selling content, give you customers free quality content and unique content that the can’t find anywhere else.

What is quality content?

Quality content is unique content, that you cannot find anywhere else. What is also very hard to copy. For example; there is a lot of research done in your article and it is also a trending topic at the moment. in this case the article is very new and it is never shown like this. It comes from your experiences and your customers.

Needs to fit in your customer journey.

you can only make unique selling content if u have the orientation- and buying process in focus. Without a clear focus you cant make good content for you customers, otherwise you don’t know if it is going to ‘strike’ your customers. so you need to know what their demands are.

Excite to buy.

if we are honest, we make content to sell. But by some people forget about this importent part. The content need to show the customers your expertise, and customer service. and they need to see that they need you! Also please don’t put ‘buy now’ on your page, because that is going to improve it in a negative way. But if you use your content in a good way, you can improve your status with your customers.

Thank you very much for reading! it really means a lot to me 😉

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