How to use Snapchat geofilters as a marketing tool.

How to use Snapchat geofilters as a marketing tool.

Snapchat filters is the newest and youngest major social media platform at the moment, and so many companies are not using it right now.

Why Snapchat?!
Snapchat is the newest and hottest social media platform right now. A lot of people use it between the age 16 to 32. The main reason why people are using snapchat is the easy way of sharing a experience and of course the geofilters that comes with that.

Image of a snapchat filter.

What are geofilers?
Geofilters are filters on top of a photo, people share these photos to their friends and people who follow them.Every time a user snaps a photo or video there is a option that they can use a geofilter. and it can be yours!

What is the result of having a geofilter?
Geofilters for events are a great combination, a lot of people are using snapchat to share their experiences. Not only the user is going to see your geofilter, but also their friends! thats makes geofilters so great to gain traction by a particular group of people. and this is the first way to market without disturbing anyone. people choose to use your geofilter,you don’t force them.

What are the costs and the gains?
for example, we did a snapchat geofilter at a random airport in the USA for 5 hours. We spent around $65,00 to deploy our filter. 173 users had used the filter, but it had a lot of views (230.167 views in total!). that is a CPM of $0,37! without counting the impressions (views). And some places are even cheaper! (a lot!)

If you are not convinced yet, i do not know what to tell you.

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